At A.P. RECYCLING, we operate in a safe and consistent collection of solid waste and recyclables. Depending on the type and size of your business and your needs, we offer tailor-made solutions for the management of your waste.


We provide

Installation of appropriate equipment for collecting your recyclables.

Utilization of recyclable materials.

Consistency and high quality services.

Reliability in our payments.



We collect recyclables

We place containers (open – closed) and press containers in industrial or commercial activities.

We receive recyclable materials at our premises, from the smallest to the largest supplier.

We have a certified 70tn weighbridge for weighing quantities and experienced staff for the evaluation and handling of materials.

We handle recyclables 

All materials collected are handled  in accordance of international norms and standards and forwarded to recycling plants in the domestic and international markets. We have an organised Exports department, which assumes all bureaucratic procedures for processing exports.

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